Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yummy smelly salts.

I'm alive!


This weekend was busy.  Like, super busy.  Like, my entire company was moving and running open houses so I've been doing a lot of schmoozing, entertaining, giving tours, and doing -way- more heavy lifting than I'd like.

Ya think moving a house is hard?  Take that and times it by, oh, a billion.  (Okay, so I'm being a little bit exaggerative.  But it's still way harder.)  Not only that but about 3/4 of our office equipment was non functional today, most notably the credit card machine, fax machine, and 7 out of our 8 phone lines.  AUGH.

So needless to say I've been tired and on the fast track to giving myself a hernia.  Joy!

Anyway.  I've decided, once I get slowed down a spot and get a little extra spending money ( ha ha ha ), I'm going to open me-self a little business.

Making bath salts! I'm really excited. I -adore- a pampering bath and I thought to myself one night, when I was out of bath salts... "Duh, dummy, you can totally do this yourself, you know. And have a cute name, with a cute logo and labels, and cute packaging.  And give them as gifts.  And use them for yourself whenever you want.  But eventually sell them so you can make your money back, and keep making more."  (Yes, that actual conversation took place in my brain.)

So yeah, project!  I think I'm going to experiment with citrus scents first, maybe try a lemon-lime blend and go for a margarita schtick.  I've done enough reading and researching that I know what I need, I just gotta get materials and try it out!

Oh, and get money first.  Yeah, the money............



  1. That sounds awesome! Best of luck with this exciting new venture :) I love the idea of margarita bath salts... makes me crave a cocktail.

  2. thats a great idea...bath salts are my love.m sure you ll profit..

  3. sounds fun, i love the idea. enjoy.