Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot hot hot.

Today the heat index was over 100.  Yowza!

This summer has been the 2nd driest on record for my area of North Carolina.  We've had very little rain!  Luckily, though, it hasn't been too hot.  .... Or maybe I just withstand heat well!  I love it!

image via weheartit.com

Although... I will admit... as much as I love the summer, last night I had a hankering to put on my big fuzzy socks, climb under a blanket on the couch, and sip some hot chocolate!  Isn't that bonkers?!  I'm going bonkers!

Oh well, it's gonna stay toasty, so those socks won't be making an appearance any time soon... ;)  Stay coooooool!


  1. Hi Sami, I'm in Delaware and it's been very dry here too. We've been in a drought since late May - unheard of before. And it's hot. And it's humid. And I'd love some weather that required a sweater or fuzzy socks. I'm your newest follower; found you via Jenny Matlock.

  2. Ugh... it hasn't been too hot here but the temps are supposed to get high this weekend and it always means majorly hot in my restaurant because the air conditioning can't keep up. Ick.

  3. I've got friends in that area of the country. We're used to no rain here in Arizona but it sounds like it's getting pretty bad there!

  4. OMG I just don't do well with that kind of heat...though does anyone? We've had a pretty cool summer this year, but I hear this week the temps are supposed to rise..thankfully nothing like what a lot of our country is going through right now. I was up in Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago and there was still SNOW!! So, in the evenings I got to wear my little fuzzy socks...aahhh...but, now they're put away for a few months...stay cool!